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going south

22 Nov

If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days it because I might be in Antarctica.

WWAAA – KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! [That’s my extremely excited noise. Normally accompanied by small jumps and huge eyeballs.]

A series of exceptionally fortunate events aligned so that certain of White Desert’s* clients had to cancel, which meant there were certain places available on the plane down south and somehow, miraculously,  I am actually going to visit the great white continent… I’ll be back on Wednesday.


* Which company belongs to my brother- and siter-in-law.


all about stof

18 Nov

This just in: the theme for the 2011 AfrikaBurn (the SA version of Burning Man)  is “STOF”.

I lifted the following off their website:


STOF Is the Afrikaans word for dust.
The Germanic word for matter.
matter and energy, is the building material of everything,
plofstof  are explosives, ignition
dust  – Tankwa is all about dust,
stuff – materials – the stuff we work with
stuff- materialism…we have too much stuff, too many belongings
kool stoff  is carbon, the base of all life
the stuff in my head…..what to do with it!   
Stof is fabric, the fiber of our being
Stof is felt, its drapery,
It is to mold…to shape our own reality
Stof is soil, clay, sand, the elemental silt
Stof-suier – domestic applications
Dust  to dust,
substance, energy , particles,
kick up dust.

[And now back to my work.]

PS. My “Stof” is short for his whole first name. But he’s a whole lot of the above description too…

a small (belated) welcome

12 Nov

To all the lovelies who’ve popped over this week as a result of our guest posts at APW:


Welcome! I completely intended writing such small note yesterday, but then I had an IUD fitted* (blegh) and I just sat around for the rest of the day clutching my womb. Thank you for visiting. Especially thank you to the persons who will actually read this as it’s likely that you’re visiting for the second (or more?!) time. ‘Tis grand to have you.

With love

Sara (nStof)

* Such things are important considerations when crossing an ocean without the desire to bring a small person into the world forthwith.

thank-you, matchbox

28 Oct

Dear Matchbox

We move out of you today and into the luxury of the (more than one-roomed) cottage on The Wine Farm. I just wanted to thank you for being fab.

Thank you for showing the Hillratts that we can live in a tiny space. And for teaching us how to live in a tiny space. Stoffel and I always knew it might be important to tidy up after ourselves, put things away in particular places and have an actual organisation system, but we’d never quite got the practice of that theory right. It will be an awfully useful skill on a boat.

Thank you for coming with marvellous landlords, including: (1) a wonderful little girl with tight strawberry blonde curls, an open face and the most delicious way of dancing with excitement (particularly on sighting Stoffie); and (2) a sandy-blonde dog called Sparky who is Cowboy’s n.b.f.f.

Thanks for being in such a beautiful place. For having a gorgeous view of Lion’s Head and loads of sunlight in the afternoon. Thank you for being so close to a place where an actual albino squirrel lives.* I also particularly appreciate how I could virtually free-wheel down the road from you to  work, achieving an all-time-low consumption rate of 3l/100km by the time I hit the traffic lights at the corner of Orange street. That makes me feel awesome.

Thank you for feeling like home, even though you are nothing more than a little garden flat. It helped that you have fresh cotton sheets and beautiful crockery. Mostly, it helped that all three Hillratts could be together (Stoffel, Saartjie and Cowboy).

We’re going to miss you, Matchbox (especially me, when I’m stuck in traffic in the morning and the evening for the next month).

With love

S, S & C

PS: Oh! And thank you for not actually being the place where my keys were lost. While I am glad that they turned up in my Scissor’s car a month later, I am particularly chuffed that a space as small as you did not turn into a car-key vortex.

* I saw it again! This time I was close enough to see its pink eyes.

a year ago

27 Sep