jeepers we have some incredible friends

27 Jan

We have just spent the evening with Dr Dave who demonstrated how to suture nectarines and insert drips. (I practiced on Stoffel. Stoffel practiced on Dr Dave. I’m a little sensitive about having veins punctured unnecessarily.) That man has completely orchestrated the best first aid kit known to mankind.

As our friends make more and more of an effort to see us or call us or just send us some love, I become more and more in love with the people I know who live in this beautiful Cape Town.*

It makes leaving both harder and easier. Harder, because of course we will miss them. But when we know that we will return to the raddest, most marvellous crowd in the city that knocks your breath out with spectacularity (not a real word, I know…), it all seems a whole lot cosier. There is something very reassuring about setting off on travels when you know where your home is.

* I also intensely love many of my mateys who do not live in CT, but I don’t see you as often, so the shift in our friendship when we leave will not be felt as intensely. ok?


One Response to “jeepers we have some incredible friends”

  1. Jo 28 January 2011 at 3:41 pm #

    <3. Friends are priceless.

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