what are you afraid of?

16 Nov

I’m generally quite a scaredy-cat and I don’t like to dwell on the frightening, so let’s keep this short and to the point, ok?

  • Big crazy hurricane seas. Even though Stof tells me we don’t need to be afraid, that the boat has excellent “righting” tendencies and that if we keep calm we will be able to ride it out. I still get a really tight knot in my stomach when I think about being knocked down in a storm. Something to do with liking to be in control, I think…
  • Stof getting really badly injured and me having to be the “above deck” skipper and guide us to safety. I like to be in control, but not that much!
  • Getting chomped/stung/poked by some rare and deathly ocean creature and not being able to figure out how to handle it (this applies for anyone who visits us as well).
  • Not working as a team. This would be bad on a multitude of levels I can’t even begin to contemplate.
  • Missing weddings and births and other important things at home.


I am not afraid of getting sea-sick. Although, perhaps, I should put this down to ignorance. I have never become sea-sick before so I don’t know from first hand experience how ghastly it can be. I’ve been assured (ha!) by plenty of sailors more experienced than I that one (usually) cannot cross an ocean without having at least one period of sea-sickness. For the moment, though, that’s something that can stay off the list.


2 Responses to “what are you afraid of?”

  1. Jo 16 November 2010 at 3:28 pm #

    You’re looking ahead and thinking of things and finding ways to prepare for them, right? Just the fact that you’re making this list means that you’re doing that. Doesn’t make it less real, though! I have a similar list of wedding fears that’s waiting to go up until after we’ve “officially” announced it.

  2. Meghan 17 November 2010 at 1:01 am #

    The ocean is a scary place, so I would say that they are valid fears. Perfectly valid.

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