what will happen to cowboy?

2 Nov

[This picture is from when he was a smidgen more than a pup… but it’s fun to pull out cute puppy pics of Mr Cow-B-Loo, ok?]

Cowboy will go and live with his sister Maggie at his Granny B and Madala (Saartjie’s parents). He loves them. They love him. Cowboy and Maggie are especially enamoured with each other. They like to sleep like this:

Similar and related questions:

“Why can’t Cowboy be a Boat Dog and go with you?”

  1. He does not like boats very much.
  2. We would have to pay a whole lot of money to fly him to Mexico.
  3. We would have to dedicate an enormous amount of effort teaching him how to perform his ablutions neatly in specific places on the deck of the boat.
  4. We don’t like the idea of hound piss’npoo on our deck.
  5. He will not be allowed off the boat in about 95% of the places we will visit on the boat. This will mean that he will never get to run amok like he loves to. Never leaving a boat would be considered cruel and unusual punishment to Cowboy. We’re not into that kind of punishment.
  6. We might lose him overboard in a storm and then we will fall into a deep depression.
  7. We would not be allowed to dock in Australia without sending him into quarantine for an interminable amount of time.

“Can Cowboy come and stay with me?”

  1. No.
  2. We love our dog and if he stays with family we might get him back when we get back to Cape Town. If he stays with not-so-family, then it is likely that he will become your dog and not ours and that would break our hearts.
  3. Also, the house of Granny B and Madala is already his second home, so we think (hope) it will be less stressful for him. He’s a bit high maintenance like that, our Cow…”

“Can I take him for walks while you are gone?”

  1. Yes! Please! (If you live in CT. Obv.)
  2. Send us a mail on stof n sara @ g mail . com and we’ll send you Granny B and Madala’s number.
  3. Hopefully you’ll have a camera and will take pictures and then e-mail them to us!

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