13 Oct

Yesterday I had my hair cut. (I almost did not have my hair cut because I confused the time and arrived half an hour late and was told I would have to make another appointment. I then had a fairly embarrassing tantrum in the salon* and someone agreed to have their hair blow dried instead of straightened (thanks anonymous Nicky at the hairdresser) and I was in!) Snip! Snip! “Take off a lot,” I requested. So 10cm worth of Saartjie locks tumbled to the floor and I left feeling lighter and triumphant (but still blushing slightly from the toy-out-of-cot-throwing incident).

And? Not. One. Person. Has Noticed. !!!!

Ok, Stoffel noticed because I told him. I have not yet seen my mother and scissor and they are bound to notice (Mother! Scissor! Notice my 10cm shorter hair, please). But TEN CENTIMETRES is quite a lot of hair (even for someone like me who has a lot of hair to start with). 

In other news: Stoffel, Nix (who fortuitously was doing her test on the same day) and I all passed our radio exam licences! Hurrah! We are now single side band certified radio operators. Even though I failed the MAYDAY question (a fairly important one)… **

French is still marvellous. Especially the people in my french class. Even though the Nigerian supplier of awesome french music has been slacking off somewhat, which makes the classes marginally less enjoyable because I can’t crack snarky jokes with anyone any more. Pouty girl is still there. Chinese lady still can’t pronounce stuff, but she’s a hard worker (of course) and knows her theory. Only Browwwnnnne is too scared to speak up, even though she knows what is going on. Speak, Browwwnnne! Speak!

* It involved plenty of waving of hands and even one foot stomp. Mortifying. To my (weak) defence, I have been DESPERATE to have my hair cut and yesterday was the only appointment I could get for about a month… Still pitiful behaviour on my behalf.

** I KNEW which one of the “multiple guess” answers was correct (“a”), but they confused me by saying how many people (200) needed to be rescued in one option (“c”) that was not too incorrect. Flip, I think it’s quite important to know that they need to rescue two hundred drowning persons. At least, that’s what I thought in the test, but I now see the error of my ways.


4 Responses to “ahem”

  1. Meghan 19 October 2010 at 8:49 pm #

    New here. I have had that tantrum of which you speak. Not pretty. Mine was for the appointment 2 weeks before my wedding when I called to confirm I was told that my stylist no longer worked there. No one had bothered to call me. I FREAKED out in a way that I would not normally. So I hear you sister.

  2. stofnsara 20 October 2010 at 9:45 am #

    Jeepers! Do they not know what they risk by messing with a Bride?! Even an ordinarily rational one? … and then comes the hot flush of embarrassment as you realise what a tit you’ve been about it all! I hope the new stylist was sufficiently competent. (PS: my mother and sister also did not notice the 10cm less hair!!! I still can’t believe it. Next time I’m going to dye my hair flaming red at the same time.)

  3. CandidKar 22 October 2010 at 4:32 pm #

    Probably still wouldn’t notice it, you know what they’re like


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