this weekend

10 Oct

We went to my first Boatshow  (‘cos that’s what I’m into these days). At the boat show we boat some useful books and discovered some awfully useful tips about stuff that had been bothering us (such a useful boat show). And we went onto a brand new Leopard 39 and a brand new Leopard 46. They were lovely catamarans and I scuttled off quickly so as not to feel that the Laura Takalani’s beauty had been diminished.

We attended Nix and A‘s farewell braai on Fish Hoek beach. They leave Cape Town on Thursday! What excitement… The farewell was fabulous, but the limelight was stolen by a plump cherubic toddler who stood in the sun exposing his belly while contentedly tugging at his prolific tummy. We wanted one! (fat toddler, not fat belly)

We brunched with a gorgeous family of 4 who are about to take off for a 5 year circumnavigation. There’s something about speaking to other people who are actually a part of this crazy cruising world that makes it seem so much more a part of our lives. While so much of our ‘private’ time is spent focussing and thinking of the important process of getting ready for our adventure,  quite little of our ‘public time’ spent relaying the ins and outs of preparation. It is undeniably much better this way: our close ones are fond of us, but I think we would push the bounds of our relationships if we spent all that time talking about us. So our brunching on the yacht Iza was awesome because we just got to talk about all the stuff that’s been constantly occupying our minds.

Also, we have just finished studying for our radio licence exam. Yawn. It is interminably dull. And I’m going to bed.


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