lost. ergh.

21 Sep

I just wanted to say that, sometime between yesterday evening (when I returned to the Matchbox from grocery shopping) and this morning (when I attempted to rush out of the house to pilates) I lost my car key.


The Matchbox is not called a matchbox for nothing. Therefore there are not too many places that key could have disappeared to. Sadly, the place it HAS gotten to has not been found and we are now a 1 car family.* The irritation factor of having to fetchncarry his wife has not yet struck Stof, who is merely delighted that someone other than him has engaged in losing important stuff.


* Of course, we still have another car. But we can just look at it. Which is a relief because it means that the key has not been found by some lucky passing skollie.


One Response to “lost. ergh.”


  1. thank-you, matchbox « Stofnsara's Blog - 28 October 2010

    […] Oh! And thank you for not actually being the place where my keys were lost. While I am glad that they turned up in my Scissor’s car a month later, I am particularly […]

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