je parle francais

21 Sep


We decided it was somewhat important for someone on the Laura Takalani to be able to communicate with the locals in French Polynesia. (We must have baguette!) That someone is not going to be Stoffel.

I’ve enrolled in a 10 week beginners intensive french course at the Alliance Francais in CT. I now have two three-hour classes a week until November (Tuesday and Thursday evenings  are a write-off). This is awesome because it gives me something productive to do that is not lawyering.**AND becuase it is fun to learn another language.

Mostly it is fun because we have some pretty hilarious people in our class. Some of my favourites are:

  1. Nigerian in-house lawyer for large multi-national. He never does his homework and sits next to me and we crack jokes the whole time. AND he’s bringing me a CD of his favourite french band. O-la-la!
  2. [Somewhat overwhelmed at times] mother and son team. I like them so because the mother’s name is Bronwyn. For some reason this name confuses the shit out of our teacher (the ever-patient Congolese Ken) who calls her “Browwwnnne”. I have a rush of pleasure every time he says it: “Browwwnnne”!
  3. Chinese woman who barely speaks English. She has never come across French before. She is learning french becuase her and her family might want to move to Canada in 7 years time (forward planners, all of them!). They don’t think they want to move to Montreal, but it’s useful to have a headstart anyway.
  4. Spoilt-rich-pretty-pouty girl. I too am surprised that I like this chicken, but And ridiculously clever. And she has a fabulous french accent. She wasn’t at last Thursday’s class and I’m a bit worried she has commitment issues and may have dropped out. PANIC! Come back girl I thought I wouldn’t like!

I have started plotting about splitting the class so that we can learn faster. I’m a bit competitive like that. After every class Stof wants to know who’s still in my “A” class and who is in the “B” class. So you know: Nigerian and Pouty Girl are solid A’s. Browwwnnn and Chinese are permanent members of the “B”.


** I am feeling a bit like that time when I was writing matric exams at the end of high school. My last subject to write was Science and I had just written Physics (which I liked) and had Chemistry to go (which I did not like). AND then I got a letter from my first host family in Brazil!!! And it was all over: I ended up making up chemical equations in the exam just to fill the pages. Needless to say, Science was not my best mark.


2 Responses to “je parle francais”


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