20 Sep

For a variety of reasons, we have registered our boat on the British small ships registry. We will therefore have to sail under a british flag. The realisation made me feel sad and unpatriotic and a bit of a longing to somehow identify ourselves as South African.

Now, we like the name “Laura”. We REALLY like the person after whom the boat was named. We loved that MikenLaurie had held a beautiful naming ceremony for the boat and we felt sure that our journeys on her would also be blessed.

But on that registration day (ok. also the days preceding it) I just felt like “Laura” wouldn’t say enough about us: where we come from, who we are. I have a strong impression that within the cruising community, the crew is referred to by the name of their boat. And “Laura” just wasn’t “mh!”* enough for the Hillratts.

So as we registered our boat, we made the onthespot decision to call our boat “Takalani”. Takalani means “be happy” (to more than one person) in Venda. Takalani Sesame is the South African version of Sesame Street. The name conjures awesome memories for both of us. When I lived in the Transkei (rural eastern cape), my friend Backpacker David had an old painted kombi that would excite the children to run out to the road and scream and laugh “TAKALANIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” as we drove past. That kind of youthful exhilaration is exactly how we feel about our journey.

BUT! Since then, we’ve had naming remorse: we just don’t know if we can say goodbye to “Laura”. The solution? Right now we’re referring to her as the Laura Takalani until we can figure out which fits better. Honestly, how many boats have a first name AND a surname?

*No  qoqo-bility. No chakalaka.


3 Responses to “naming”

  1. Ian 9 October 2010 at 7:05 pm #

    Lovely and everything, but WHERE are the pictures of said vessel?!?!? I mean c’mon!!!?!? One of my best friends, Damon, is one of the muppets on Takalani…

    Green With Envy!!!!


  1. three month countdown « Stofnsara's Blog - 1 November 2010

    […] in my mind as it is in yours. We need to fly to La Paz in Mexico on 1 Feb 2011 to meet up with the Laura Takalani and then we will work very hard getting her ready and then we will leave to sail across the […]

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