waiting game

26 Aug

I tell you: there’s something very tricky about having a boat in Mexico and then carrying on as if life were just the same ol’ same ol’.

While Stoffel hopes to continue his business while we adventure (gottalovetheinternet), the nature of being an advocate/barrister means that I just cannot carry on. Which means that my practice stops at the end of the year.* Which also means that I have to make my hay while the sun shines and work like a crazy person while I can because little jaunts across the Pacific are Not Cheap. Basically, what all that means is that I’ve been carrying on with work as if nothing is happening in the hope of attracting lots more work that can be completed before we leave. Tra-la-laa.

This is not very easy. I’m a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, calls a spade a shovel, and is generally as straight up and forward as she can possibly be. So you know: Sometimes this is a positive attribute, sometimes this is not.

Right now, it is frustrating living a split life. I have told some colleagues that we are sailing off into the great big blue yonder next year, but to most of the legal world, I appear firmly entrenched in my profession. I have set as the last weekend of October the date when I will “come out” to the bar and I’m pretty much counting the sleeps. Biding my time. Trying not to daydream too much. Etcetera etcetera…

On the topic of waiting, however, I am no longer waiting for my husband to return to my bed/arms/headspace/city. Stoffel returned to ct on Monday to a jubilant Saartjie! We celebrated by indulging in massages and spa facilities at the Mount Nelson spa, followed by equally indulgent high tea (also at the Nelly). All for R1000! A bargain! And a glorious way to spend the first day together in a month.

BUT, we are still waiting to move into the matchbox-sized garden apartment in Oranjezicht I found for the Hillratts (Cowboy included) to inhabit for the next couple of months. For some reason (read: me) we have committed ourselves to family engagements every night. Which means we just haven’t had the time… So we’re waiting it out with my mumsie in suburbia until we can bring ourselves to pile all our (remaining) worldly goods together and move back to the city.

All this waiting reminds me of the sage advice of my Mumsie regarding enjoyment: An event seldom consists of just the moment, although that’s often where the gush of experience happens. Before the experience is the dreaming, planning and anticipation. Afterwards is the reminiscing and the reliving. All three parts plait together to form the enjoyment of an event. To play down or undermine any one of these is to deprive yourself of part of the essence of the experience.

For now it’s part one: the waiting (and dreaming, planning, anticipating…)

* I really don’t know if it will resume when we return. Right now I think it will not. I do not know what will take its place, though…


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