husbandless scuba diver

4 Aug

Stof is in the UK sailing boats. Actually, he’s sailing one particular boat called Jeroboam in Cowes Week and they are winning. Which makes his absence for exactly a calendar month somewhat more bearable. After they complete the sailing this week, his team will practice for another week and then sail in a competition called “Commodore’s Cup” in which he will represent South Africa. I am very proud.

Another thing which makes his absence bearable is knowing how much joy trimming a sail gives my Stof. It makes him feel free and creative and controlled and ohso chuffed such that he grins and grins (even sometimes only with his eyes).

For my part, I moved out of our house (sigh, sob) and then ran away to Sodwana Bay.* With my sis. We flew to Durban and rented a car and drove all the way to the northern bit of SA’s east coast and spent 4-5** days learning to dive. It was the cleverest thing I’ve done in years: it filled me up again. I also (1) had a marvellous time with my scissor; and (2) learnt a new skill (erm: scuba diving). My New Skill will be of pivotal importance as we visit the most wonderful dive spots in the pacific. I. Loved. It.

Hmm. While I loved my holiday, I was less enamoured with the weather of the supposedly balmy northern coast. For two days we teeth-chattered our way through pool exercises and our first dive. It gradually warmed up until it was 27C (on the day we left of course).

However, there were many things I also liked a whole lot: awesome tented accommodation (dome tents with twin beds); cheeky monkeys (requiring great skill in hiding food); and delicious food prepared each night and noon and morning by the scissors instead of pricy and average lodge fare.

Presently I am back in CT and squatting between my generous relatives (principally, Parents and Sister-In-Law). Hoping to find some suitable accommodation for us and Cowboy by the time Stoffel returns.

*Sodwana Bay rhymes so gloriously with things like “ran away” and (particularly) names that include “May”. Like Laura May; Jenna May and Barbara May. I spent much of my dive time composing rhyming couplet messages… although I did not send most of them. 

** We arrived in sodwana on tuesday afternoon and left at sunday lunchtime.

Postscript: Perhaps I should mention that we did our diving with Coral Divers. Highly recommended.


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