travelling with the vuvu

11 Jul

So we’re in London! At Gatwick Airport in London, to be precise (I feel the need to explain WHICH airport in London as we were at Heathrow this morning before catching the connecting coach). This time last week, we could not have imagined that I’d be sitting in Gatwick writing the first post (of many, we hope) describing a series of adventures that Stof and I intend embarking on over the next few years. This time last week we had just put in an offer on a boat in Mexico. A beautiful 41’ Bristol in La Paz that looks to be in pristine condition. All of our research has confirmed that a 41’ Bristol yacht might well be the perfect vessel to carry us across the Pacific during the course of 2011 and this specific boat, the “Laura” currently on the hard in Baja Sur, has been loved and meticulously equipped by the current (previous!) owners. Her electronics and rigging are new, hull is sound and has been recently reconditioned, the engine has low hours and the sails are young. [On reading this paragraph, I have to smile a wry grin. While Stoffel is a seasoned sailor, I knew boggerall about boats a mere 4 months ago… I have a lot more to learn before the real journey commences!] I digress. Our offer was accepted, but we only expected to be able to see the boat sometime in September. Escaping South Africa during the world cup is both expensive and something we didn’t really want to do: we have been *feeling* the gees most enthusiastically. Various commitments would keep us both tied up for a further month and a half, so we felt on slightly shaky ground bidding for a boat that we wouldn’t even be able to lay hands onto until she was fully and actually OURS! We felt nervous, but willing to take the risk, when Stof’s dad intervened. “You’re crazy!”: Rick’s reaction to us forking out a third of our joint estate on a vessel we’d never seen. So he offered us airmiles to London from where we are flying to Mexico in about two hours time. It’s currently Stof’s turn to “bird bathe” himself over the airport bathroom basins and then proceed to the “Halls of Beauty” to lather himself in lotions that are ordinarily way beyond our budget! I have at least 100pounds worth of product on my face, eyes, neck, hands and arms. I’m well-prepared to battle another 12 hours of dehydrating (“it sucks the moisture out of your skin”) flight to Mexico City. I’ve also bought a “Latin American Spanish” phrase book in the hope that it will help us communicate when we land in Mexico. More on the boat and the planned voyage when we arrive. We’re pleased to report that we have been (mostly) warmly recognised as South African. It might have something to do with the large yellow Vuvuzela poking out of our hand luggage. So far we’ve managed to keep ourselves from tootling it too vigorously but we have been called upon to make the odd demonstrative hoot for the bemused Brits. Of course, we willingly complied.


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